From Istanbul's Finest Crafstman

Vicem Yachts

If you've seen a Vicem, You Already know. And if you haven't, you certainly can!

With  a vision refined over twenty exciting years and from almost two-hundred fine yachts launched, Istanbul’s Vicem Yachts has consistently set the yachting industry’s highest water marks for style, performance, and fit and finish.

Now in cold-molded mahogany OR fiberglass construction!

Splashing yachts from 46 feet all the way up to 46 meters, Vicem delivers the widest range of models on the planet. That’s their path to delivering Superyacht perfection down through every model in their line.

Vicem takes great pride in their team – The men and women who with great eyes, skilled hands and passionate hearts deliver both unique value and unmatched customization.

Vicem aims higher than building just “custom” yachts. They deliver custom-fit yachts!

Custom-fit as request by some of the most discriminating yachtsmen and yachtsmen anywhere. Clients who have searched far and wide for a smart and passionate team with creative approaches to performance, layout and style. For these clients Vicem puts everything on the table – From berths to beam, helms to heads, and gyros to gyms. 

All of which brings us to Vicem’s defining motto:

“You draw it on a napkin, and we will build it.”

The Vicem Series

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