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Sarvo 37

Sarvo 37

A day-cruiser inspired by the classics and built with the future in mind by using recycled aluminium and plastic. 11m of silent, shining splendour with its razor like bow designed to effortlessly cut through the waves at a speed of up to 70 knots, if speed is your thing that is. Alternatively, the SARVO37 can travel a distance of 70-100 nautical miles at a speed of 10-20 knots on one charge.



Model: SARVO37

Type: Day cruiser

Length: 11.25m

Beam: 3.10m

Draft: 0.80m

Designer: Sarvo Breckling

Naval Architect: Danish Marine Design

Hull: Polished Aluminium

ENGINES Electric Engine 1280 hp

Cruising Speed: 10-20 knots

Maximum Speed: 70 knots

Range: 70-100 nm


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