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What makes a yacht great, and why?  Who makes a great yacht, and how?

The answers to these eternal questions of yachting are my obsession here at The Fog Warning. 

The blog springs from my twenty years’ obsession with the design, construction and sale of fine yachts. Much of what I’ve learned comes from my experiences with classic designs, like those built by Zeelander, Hinckley,  Vicem Yachts – and now with great promise – LongIsland Yachts and Hartman Yachts:  

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But I cover the waterfront, so to speak, for quality yachts of any style. So if I can help find you a fine yacht that meets your dreams and schemes – Whether custom, production, or brokerage – just launch a flare!

Thanks, and enjoy!

[Big Wave] Dave Mallach

Stable and Able

I think I can distill down to three simple words an answer to The Fog Warning’s eternal question of yachting: What makes a yacht great, and why? Those three words? Stable and Able. If your yacht delivers that for you in all respects, you’ve done well. So here in unit four of Zeelander University – […]

Snooze again, lose again…

I’ve got more fast-breaking developments for you, loyal friends and clients, coming in from all 32 points of the compass. That would include: Another Zeelander sale; Another new summer event where you can experience our new Zeelander 55; Another cool update on said fine yacht; and, Another Zeelander 72 opportunity. I’m sure you are all […]

You Snooze, You Lose….

I’ve got an almost dizzying amount of news for you, my loyal friends and clients. So much so that I’m taking a short sabbatical from teaching Zeelander University this week. But worry not, your Master’s Degree in Advanced Zeelander Ownership will resume next with Chapter Four, entitled “Stable and Able.” That chapter will lead off […]

Words fail me….

Sometimes it’s about the words. But more often it’s all about the pix. Especially these pix, taken just this week in Rotterdam. Our 42-knot Zeelander 55 (#7) ships out on a freighter on July 7th. You will have your opportunity to see (and sea trial) her at our Norwalk CT docks on the afternoon of […]

The Ghosts in the Machine

Welcome to Chapter #3 in Zeelander University’s Master Degree program – The latest course in your 12-part series in advanced Zeelander ownership. Today we’re going to explore together one of yachting’s high water marks in innovation, one where Northern European builders and engineers jumped far ahead of the rest of the industry: The ins, the […]

Love Me Tender

Welcome back for chapter two of your continuing twelve-part series in advanced Zeelander ownership. In the end you’ll be awarded your well-deserved Masters in Zeelander Yachts degree. This week we try to answer that age-old question of yachting, reportedly first asked by H.M.S. Bounty’s Captain Bligh himself: Where is the best place to store my […]

Your “MZY” – a Master’s degree from Zeelander University!

I. Zeelander’s Latest Video Review I have a lot to share with you all today, about yachting things both big and small. But the most exciting by far is the the premier of a really impressive video review of our [soon to arrive] Zeelander 55. Last fall’s video review of our Zeelander 72 has become […]

The Survey from Hell

I’ll get it to it, I’ll get to it. But first, a word from our sponsor… We are eight weeks out from the delivery of our (or even better, your) Zeelander 55! It takes about ten months to build a Z55, depending upon the level of customization. But with yachts this size just about everything […]

You Heard It Here First!

Greetings, loyal clients and readers! Some very exciting things have happened in your yachting world recently (on both sides of the Atlantic) and I’d like to take a moment and dive into what this can mean for you.  I am thrilled to announce that I have formed a new enterprise – Zeelander Yachts of North […]

Lauderdale Offerings

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show countdown clock is now at T-9 days! Running from October 30th through November 3rd, I look forward to seeing you there aboard a wonderful three-boat display from Zeelander Yachts: You will find us on the Hall of Fame side of the show, under the Northrop & Johnson banner, slips 41A, […]

From Newport to Cannes, to … Newport?

I. Summer in Newport I am so pleased to report that our Zeelander Yachts “pop-up” boat show last month in Newport Harbor was a wonder and a joy – an [almost] living, breathing example of the “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much” dynamic. We had a brand new Zeelander 72 available for sea trials […]

Your Special Newport Opportunity

Short of a full blown boat show, I can’t think of a more exciting yachting opportunity for my US clients in 2019 than this one: From June 20th through the 26th I will be presenting THREE Zeelander models, side by side for your viewing and sea-trialing pleasure at Pier 41 in Newport, RI! First up, […]

The fast, the blue, and the custom…

This week, loyal clients and readers, we go through three iterations of fine yachts – The fast, the blue, and the custom! Fast Boats! I’ve run a couple of big boats (+20 meters) at 50 knots and more, and what they all had in common was their drivetrains: Surface-drive propulsion. If you want to drive […]

Your Globe-circling Report

I have returned! With four cities and ten boats over five days under my jet-lagged belt, I’d like to share with you some of what I learned. Feel free to skim through until you find something you like, and trust that I’ll tie up all its diverse threads in a bow for you at the […]

You Snooze, You Lose!

I. You Snooze, You Lose…. Ah, Baron, we hardly knew ye! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Baron, our premier Vicem 72 Flybridge listing, is now under contract, and soon to make her 35-knot way to her new home.  As a parting glance for you, my loyal readers, I leave you with the video that was […]

Flash Alert: Price Reduction

Mahogany Rose, the esteemed Vicem 67 Flybridge currently in Charleston, has undergone a $350,000 price reduction, to $1,050,000. She is scheduled for a new paint job and re-covered exterior cushions, presenting an opportunity for a timely buyer to pick their own color scheme.   The full listing can be seen here: Mahogany Rose Yachtworld Listing […]

Time and Tide…

I. The Magazine! At least one of your holiday wishes has been granted! The Winter issue of The Fog Warning Digital Magazine has just been published on the Apple and Google App stores:   The winter issue contains 178 pages of cool articles and in-depth listings of featured yachts. You can subscribe to this free and […]

Not supposed to notice…

I. What you’re not supposed to notice… To all whom I was lucky enough to catch up with at the Fort Lauderdale Show, thanks for your time! I can say with complete authority that no one who boarded our Zeelander 55 left unimpressed. And my clients, I am very proud to say,  are very hard […]

If it ain’t Dutch… [Continued]

I. Portuguese for “peaceful, or gentle…” I’ve heard it said over the years that “Northern European’s don’t do sexy.” Yachts, that is. I don’t know if that’s ever been true – after all, these are the people who brought us Zeelanders, as sexy a yacht as any I’ve seen come out of Italy:   But it […]

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

I’ve been traveling the breadth of Holland for most of September.  Having bounced around between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and that booming metropolis of Urk (no, that’s not a typo) for weeks on end,  I return with fascinating tales and stunning boats for you. So grab a Heineken or two and settle down for the story. I […]


I. A Christening I was shocked to learn that long after his heroic WWI exploits in the Middle East, Lawrence of Arabia swapped his camels for boats and became a successful boat designer. By all accounts, Sir Lawrence was pretty good at it. Here is a wonderful video of the 1938 christening of his record-breaking hydroplane, Empire Day: Now I’m […]

You Snooze, You Lose (again)!

I. More Mayday My last posting, Mayday – A Cautionary Tale, was the most widely read (and shared) post in the ten years I’ve been doing this. I am thrilled to report that readership of The Fog Warning has now climbed past 10,000 readers. For what this can mean to you and your yachts, please see below. […]

Mayday! A Cautionary Tale

Mayday!   Last summer I did a solo delivery of a friend’s 45’ boat from Sag Harbor to Newport. A few miles off Fisher Island she caught fire, and I sent out the first (and, I hope, the last) Mayday call of my life. It all ended well enough (meaning no one was hurt) but […]

No Room at the Inn!

I. No Room at the Inn For some of us it may be true that our first boat show is as memorable as our first kiss. In my case, they were both in the same year!  The boat show was at the old New York Coliseum, on Columbus Circle. Finding this New York Times article […]

Drones and Bones….

I. Cats, lots of Cats I’ve been on the road for much of the last six weeks, and I expect you’ll find the story interesting. The reason: One third of the charter catamarans in the Caribbean were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. That was over 350 cats!   Tornado’s spun off near the eye of the Hurricane […]

Back to the future!

  How’s this for a Back-to-the-Future development, loyal readers? I have again surrendered myself to the beauty and value of Turkish-built yachts! I am thrilled to have joined Reliant Yachts, of Newport, Rhode Island in their goal of bringing a stunning line of sail and power yachts built by Istanbul’s Su Marine to the global […]

The Real Deal

So this clip from 1933 – to me one of the funniest in film history – playfully illustrates the difference between the real deal, and that which is not quite. I see this in the boat biz all the time. Last week I wrote about fun times at yacht builder Happy Hours. They are fun, […]

Why a duck?

“Why a duck?” asks Chico. Or, more to the point:  Why a Hinckley? Well, here’s one [lengthy] answer: When you get a bunch of builders together at happy hour, sooner or later the conversations turns to this: “What should we build, and how should we build it?” It can be a tough call. A builder […]

Big News in the Yachting World

Greetings, and welcome to the launch of The Fog Warning. My name is Dave Mallach, and I’ve been a yacht broker and an enthusiastic observer of all things nautical for almost twenty years. It’s my hope that you come to enjoy my unique take on some of the finest yachts afloat, as well as some engaging […]



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*** The essence of Essence ***

At some point in their history most successful custom builders are able hit a sweet spot in the design and execution of a truly special yacht. So special, in fact,  that it becomes their flagship. For Vicem Yachts, that flagship was their 2006 Vicem 85 Classic – Essence.  Essence is the largest and most elegant […]

*** Crunch of the Week ***

I. Crunch of the Week: As far as I’ve been able to determine, The Fog Warning is the most widely read blog in this (rather small) industry. On average,  anywhere from 2,500 to 3,500 people around the world are regular readers (not counting shares and forwards, which I can’t track).  So a huge thank you to […]

The stuff that dreams are made of…

  Dreams indeed! Sixty-five years after Bogart starred in The Maltese Falcon, famed Italian builder Perini Navi stunned the yachting world with this namesake: With a budget of almost $200 million, owner Tom Perkins could have chosen to have this yacht built by anyone, anywhere in the world. He chose Perini Navi because they had the […]