Every Vicem in this size range has its own unique appeal. But Truant, this 70 Flybridge model, stands apart. The result of almost two years of design and build efforts of some of the top craftsman in the industry is readily apparent. Most notably, interior decorators and kitchen designers were brought in from some of the top houses in America and Europe to bring this concept to life. Then, a no-compromise devotion to sourcing the most elegant materials and fixtures – usually found in only the finest homes (and rarely on yachts) – makes Truant a very rare find. She’s a one-of-kind yacht with universal appeal.

Of particular interest is her galley. “Gourmet-quality” galley is an oft used and often overstated term. I can say with complete confidence that to see Truant is to realize that nothing is overstated.

I consider myself very lucky to have been centrally involved in the design, build and launch of this finest of yachts. Today, she rests in an indoor heated building in Connecticut, as a complete “11” in condition, inside and out. Please feel free to call me for her full and exciting story. I can guarantee a fun and interesting conversation.

Please note that yachts in near-comparable condition would be considered as a trade possibility.

Qualitatively, Truant stands out among her sister ships in the following ways:

– Twelve coats of high gloss Epiphanes varnish work on her interior result in a warm, inviting appeal, with a gleam and luster that brightens her up even on dimly lit days. Smoked glass cabin doors add to a sense of elegant spaciousness.

– Her Gourmet-quality galley was designed by top kitchen designers on three continents, and includes Kuppersbusch induction cooktops, with both built in griddle and wok components; two pop-up Gaggenau exhaust fans; a Dacor warming oven; a Bosch Kitchen Machine; and a fully plumbed expresso/coffee maker.

– Her stonework has never been matched. Months were spent finding exactly the right slaps of Aphrodite Granite to fit her overall ambience. These tops, from Madagascar, were carefully sliced and finished, resulting in an emerald-like gemstone finish that almost glows in the dark. Photos and videos cannot adequately capture how special the effect is. It must be experienced with your own eyes.

– Her bunkroom, a trademark Vicem feature in this style, is 20% larger than those found on her sisterships. Four teenagers can comfortably disappear her (if required) with ease.

– She features brilliantly designed built-in cabinetry, including banquette storage in the salon that is found on no other Vicem. It folds out easily to create a large dining table.

– The Italian tilework in her heads is rarely seen (on yachts). Wolf tiles, in a tasteful an appropriate starfish design, provides a look worthy of an Architectural Digest feature. As with the Aphrodite granite, it must be seen with your own eyes.