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What makes a yacht great, and why? 

Who makes a great yacht, and how?

Those are the questions that preoccupy me here at The Fog Warning.  My name is Dave Mallach, and I’m honored to be the proprietor of what I hope will become your favorite nautical blog. The Fog Warning springs from my twenty year obsession with these questions, and from my involvement with the design, construction and sale of fine yachts.

Much of what I’ve learned comes from my experiences with classic downeast designs, like those built by Reliant, Hinckley, and Vicem Yachts. But I cover the waterfront, so to speak, for quality yachts of any style, from sportfish to mega-yachts.

Please feel free to explore at will, and hit the “Subscribe” tab to keep up with the ongoing discussion. A good time will be had by all.

Meanwhile, if I can help find you a fine yacht that meets your dreams and schemes – Whether custom, production, or brokerage – just launch a flare!

Thanks, and enjoy.

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Dave Mallach in Sag Harbor NY at his showroom

About Dave Mallach

It amazes me to say that this now my twentieth year as a yacht broker. I'm lucky enough split my time between Manhattan and Westhampton Beach, but in season you are most likely to find me on my trawler “Gypsy” at mooring #44 in Coecles Harbor, Shelter Island. Or, of course, you can just call me at 516-816-1703. I do look forward to it.