Two (!) Zeelander 44’s for Immediate Delivery!

Two (!) Zeelander 44’s for Immediate Delivery!

Early next year I will have some information to share with you on a new hush-hush Zeelander 88 model. But right now I have eighty-eight feet of unsold Zeelander’s at the factory in Holland ready to deliver to you. The details are below. Beyond color, there are some subtle differences between the two, so feel free to call for your Z44 education

The first, hull #16, is a blue-hulled model:





The second one is #28 with a beautiful black sable hull:


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It amazes me to say that this now my twentieth year as a yacht broker. I'm lucky enough split my time between Manhattan and Westhampton Beach, but in season you are most likely to find me on my trawler “Gypsy” at mooring #44 in Coecles Harbor, Shelter Island. Or, of course, you can just call me at 516-816-1703. I do look forward to it.