The Sossego Comfort 22

The Sossego [Sah-SAY-go] Comfort  22


The Gebroeders van Enkhuizen’s yard of Makkum, Holland has long been known for launching some of the finest aluminum yachts in all of Europe. Their custom, Dutch-engineered yachts stand out in any harbor.  This Sossego Comfort 22, hull # 3 in the line, is as fine an example of a performance flybridge as I’ve run.

Running this fine yacht in the North Sea at maximum RPM, flying along at 36 knots, I was stunned at her sound engineering. I measured  just 60 decibels at full speed. If you can hear her twin MAN 1550’s in this sea trial, your ears are a lot better than mine!

After spending a few days in the factory, I’ve concluded that this is what happens when the best of Frank Mulder’s designs meets a yard devoted to uncompromising engineering, quality construction, and a fine aesthetic sense:


She is currently making her way to her winter harbor of Majorca. I’d be happy to meet you there and show this fine yacht to you. The second best way to experience her is by this virtual tour.

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You can see the full specifications on our Yachtworld page, here:

The Sossego Yachworld Listing

On that site you can also learn about the Comfort 22’s big sister, the Sossego 30M:

Meanwhile, as always, if you have any questions or comments, just launch that flare!

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